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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know

Need assistance? The team at Fast Jet Workshop has compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer you're looking for or need further help, feel free to reach out anytime.

Q: Are your products food safe?

A: Yes! Cutting boards and charcuterie trays are finished with food safe mineral oil and a beeswax finish for a natural, food safe finish. This finish also preserves the natural qualities of the hardwood while leaving them open for display, has no odor, and is easy and cost efficient to re-apply for a board that lasts for years!

Q: Can I cut on your boards with a sharp knife?

A: Of course. End grain cutting boards are naturally perfect for your sharp cutting knives. The wood grain runs vertically in the board, resulting in a self-healing quality that hides knife marks and preserves he sharp edge on the blade. 

         Note: Boards that include epoxy resin (most commonly charcuterie boards) shouldn't be cut on with sharp knives. While perfectly safe for contact          with food, sharp knives will scratch the epoxy resin, and may shave resin off the board.

Q: I'm concerned about food-borne pathogens and bacteria. Is it safe to cut raw meat on wooden cutting boards.

A: Yes. Hardwood boards can be cleaned with soap and warm water to clean and kill any food borne pathogens and bacteria. In fact, end grain curing boards are said to pull bacteria into the middle of the board along the wood grain, where the bacteria is isolated, and dies.

Q: Can I wash my wood products in the dishwasher?

A: No. All boards are made with waterproof materials, however the temperature and washing strategy of the dishwasher will rapidly break down the wood board. Cutting and charcuterie boards should be washed with a sponge and warm, soapy water (avoid submerging in water).

Q: Do you offer discounts on batch ordered products

A: Yes. Send us a message at info@fastjetworkshop to discuss what you're interested in!

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